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Federation of Arab Engineers


Federation of Arab Engineers

The Federation of Arab Engineers is an organization that unites all the goals and future works and collaboration of all the Arab engineers. Co ordination and co operation is a main goal of the Federation of Arab Engineers and have a purpose of increasing the status of Arab engineers and its profession by serving the Arab society and its different cases whether scientifically, technologically or educationally and serve the goals of the Arab nation in building its unity, political independence and economy.

The Foundation of the Federation of Arab Engineers

Federation of Arab Engineers was founded in Damascus in April 1963 from the engineering corporations of:

Jordan - Syria - Iraq - Kuwait - Lebanon - Egypt

It was officially announced during the 8th Engineering Arab conference in Cairo on 18th May 1962

Members of Federation of Arab Engineers:
1. Jordan
2. U.A.E.
3. Bahrain
4. Tunisia
5. Algeria
6. Sudan
7. Syria
8. Iraq
9. Palestine
10. Kuwait
11. Lebanon
12. Libya
13. Egypt
14. Morocco
15. Yemen

The Goals of Federation of Arab Engineers:
- Grouping the abilities of the Arab engineers and dedicate their efforts and hard work to serve the goals of the Arab nation in building its unity and political and economic independence.
- To boost the status of the engineering profession and organize the rules and practices to help them develop their professional skills to be able to excel in different fields of engineering.
- Keeping the Arabic engineering heritage and performing civilization progress to work and achieve its growth and development.
- The studying of engineering cases and matters common between Arabian countries and encourage Arabian scientific researchers to exchange information's and experiences in all technical and professional fields.
- Support and co operate with the engineering organizations and establish new Arabian organizations.
- Raising the status of Arab engineers socially and increasing their scientific and working skills.
- The coordination and the cooperation with the Arabian organization.
- Availability of jobs for Arab engineers in Gulf countries.
- Supporting scientific experiments and ideas in Arab countries.
- Supporting the relation between the federation of Arab engineers and international engineering association to make the engineering character stand out in all international conferences and have benefits from international engineering expertise.
- The evaluation of the degrees and the qualifications of Arabian and foreign certificates.

The Federation of Arab Engineers Department:
1. Higher Council
2. Executive Office for the Federation of Arab Engineers
3. General Secretariat
4. Corporations and Technical committees

The Federation of Arab Engineers High Council:
The high council of the Federation of Arab Engineers consists of the representatives of the engineering corporations and associations in Gulf countries, the members in the union will consists from President and the members of the executive office and the representatives of the corporations in the higher council and all the union activities from the engineers in the higher council and all the union activities from the engineers the high council for the union concludes a two sessions the first during the first quarter of the year and the second during the third quarter from each year, in order to have the possibility of holding exceptional meetings.

The Federation of Arab Engineers executive office:
The executive office is consists of the President of the Federation of Arab Engineers, the Vice-President, the Secretary-General, the secretary-general for the Arab East and the secretary-general for Arab foreign.

The General Secretariat:
The general secretariat is created from:
- The Secretary-General, which is selected by the federation
- The Counselor of the general secretariat.
- Main Office, which is manage by the Secretary-General

The Technical Committee and the Centers of the Corporations, the specialist in the Federation of Arab engineers:

First- the committee consists of the following:
- The water resources committee (Iraq main office).
- The technology committee (Tunisia main office).
- The communications and informatics committee (Bahrain main office).
- The practicing profession committee (Jordan main office).
- The energy committee (main office in Syria).
- The publishing committee (a country main office).
- The normalization resistance committee (Jordan main office).
- The Iraq supporting committee (Jordan main office).
- The environment committee (Lebanon main office).

Secondly - the corporations and the centers in the Arab Federation are the following:
- The architectural association (Lebanon main office).
- The Arab engineering consultant offices (Jordan main office).
- The Arabic Engineering center for publishing and translation and authorizing (main office in Syria).