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Gulf Engineering Union


Gulf Engineering Union

Gulf Engineering Union is a Gulf Arabian professional organization aiming at enhancing the role of the Gulf engineering foundations by participating in setting up the engineering legislation, systems and codes as well as the rules of practicing the profession, also by maintaining its ethics and virtues, boosting its functional level to meet the requirements of building and development, nurturing the Gulf engineer and working towards upgrading his technical and professional level as well as caring for his affairs, and by adopting the common engineering issues amongst the Gulf Council countries (such as preserving the Gulf architectural style, environment, energy, water, petrol, unified code, engineering arbitration and others).

The most important goal among all is the establishment of Gulf Engineering Union where the GCC countries meets with a brotherly spirit working together as a team and trying to join all the visions for a brighter future for the engineers.

During the commencement of Gulf Engineering Union, there were vast numbers of engineers all over the Gulf region with all hope for a brighter and unified future for and will continue to have the high standard Gulf Engineering Union and forum in the GCC.

Members of Gulf Engineering Union
- UAE Society of Engineers
- Bahrain Society of Engineers
- Saudi Engineering
- Kuwait Society of Engineers
- Oman Society of Engineers
- Qatar Society of Engineers