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Objectives of UAE Society Of Engineers

Contribution to the development and progress of national industry, engineering, construction, agriculture, and economy in cooperation of the government entities.
Regulation of the professional practices, ethics, standards and specifications and developing the skills and qualifications of all engineers in the UAE.
Development of scientific and technical collaboration and alliances among the engineers in the UAE and their colleagues in GCC and other Arab and foreign countries.
Participation and encouragement of engineers for the distribution of theoretical & practical studies and researches in the field of engineering by publishing, holding lectures and seminars, organizing field trips, and exchange of information between the Society of Engineers - UAE and its counterparts in other countries.
Provision of Consultancy Engineering Services, if requested to do so.
Encouragement of professional technical training in all engineering fields to develop the skills of all engineers in the UAE.
Contribution to the arabization of the engineering expression and the transmission of Arab Engineering Standards in cooperation with the governmental institutions in the UAE as well as the authorities and associations in other Arab countries.