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The 2nd Gulf Engineering Meeting Sharjah – United Arab Emirates

12th - 14th May 1998 The United Arab Emirates hosted the activities of the second Gulf engineering meeting in the Emirates of ‘Sharjah’ in the period of 12th -14th May 1998 which numerous members from the member states in the G.C.C. countries met and participated.

One of the important points that were discussed in the meeting was to raise the engineer’s position and activation role in the private economic sector.

The Recommendations
1. The necessity of exchanging and increasing the professional activities coordination between the societies and the engineering corporation through internet.
2. Encouragement of the societies' declaration of engineering profession and practices in the Gulf.
3. The invitation of the state council administrators to attend the Gulf engineering activities to show them the importance of these activities and gain support and co-operation from them.

The third gulf engineering meeting will be concluded in May 1999 in Bahrain that has a symposium of “a forum of the Gulf engineers in front of the challenges in the 21st century”. It was also decided that the topic of the fourth Gulf Engineering meeting should be settled and be held in Saudi Arabia six months later in the year 2000. The subject would be about the Gulf engineers.

The audiences were on the same opinion that the extern importance of the co-operation and harmonization between the gulf engineering corporations should be both internationally and locally and the Kuwait Association of Engineers should create a design web page before the next meeting to bind these pages.

The activities of the 2nd Gulf Engineering meeting have a symposium of “the Gulf Engineers and his role in the private economic sectors" which concluded in 10th -11th May 1998.

At the closing stage of the meeting, they gave a letter of appreciation to His Highness Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan, President of the U.A.E, in which they included that U.A.E. accomplished and established greater demands in the different fields of building and construction. They also gave letter of appreciation and gratitude to His Highness Sheikh Doctor Sultan Bin Mohamed al Qasimi, member of Higher Council in Sharjah, as he sincerely systematized and organized the second Gulf Engineering Meeting.

They acknowledged the big accomplishments of the Emirates of Sharjah for having the best engineering education for both local and international and chose them to be the educational Arab Capital for the year 1998.