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The 4th Gulf Engineering Meeting Riyadh – Saudi Arabia

22nd - 24th February 2000

With a very kind sponsorship from His Highness Prince Salman Bin Abd Al Aziz prince of Riyadh, the Saudi Engineering Committee was the host of the fourth Engineering meeting during the period of 22nd - 24th of February 2000.

He took part in the acts of the different activities in the meeting. Around 1700 engineers from all corporations, societies and Engineering committees in G.C.C. countries participated in this event. The activities of the Gulf meeting prevailed “the Gulf engineers –ambitions of the new century” that offered around 80 scientific papers.

The meeting made a number of the decisions and recommendations
1. The next Gulf Engineering meeting would be held in Sultanate of Oman in the month of February 2001 and the 6th Gulf Engineering meeting would be held in Doha in the year 2002.
2. Appointing 3 places for seminars that would set off with the 5th Gulf Engineering meeting in Sultanate of Oman
- The unification of the engineering profession, the classification of the offices in the Gulf and advisory and rehabilitation of the Gulf engineers.
- A preparation and training of the Gulf engineers.
- The uprising of information's and utilizing it in Gulf engineering.

Engineer Salem Kennedy from Sultanate of Oman relies on the classification of the 5th Gulf Engineering meeting. The Secretary General of the Saudi committee, Abd Al Rahman Al Awdi, announced that the 4th Gulf Engineering meeting will continue carrying out the recommendations.
1. The deferment of a choice of slogan for the meeting, and pushing the Saudi Engineering Committee to chose a permanent slogan and the formation of Committee of Architectural specialists.
2. Aiming appreciation to Saudi Engineering Committee for hosting the 4th Gulf Engineering meeting and their big efforts for their exerted contribution in the enormous success of the meeting.

“ The Seminar of the Gulf engineer’s and ambitions of the new century.”

The Recommendations
The Gulf meeting relied on the draft of the recommendations which the seminar raised: "the Gulf engineers and ambitions of the new century". The most marked recommendations are the following:
I. The effectiveness of the high teaching ministries is represented by faculties of the engineering and architecture by the co ordination with the engineering corporations on the following:
1. The exertion to create secretariat for the Gulf engineering corporation to co ordinate the joint work and to continue achieving the recommendations of the engineering meeting.
2. An issue of a legislative decision that arranges the professional training of the engineering profession in its different branches.
3. Looking for autos to estimate the programs of the engineering teachings in the midst of new advances and quick techniques.
4. Urging the administrator to open engineering faculties to pursue the needs of the engineering creative market.
5. The activation of channels and any means of communication between the teachers of the engineering faculties in the Gulf universities and the teachers of universities worldwide, with the opportunity for the teachers to enter the field of professional practitioner.
6. Re examination of equipments in factories and laboratories in the faculty of engineering and supply them the newest equipment and technology to facilitate their scientific progress.
7. The moral and material motivation to incite the acts of the interpretation and the formation of the Arabic language in the different engineering specializations and the placing of promotions in universities to participate in the realization of this aim and goal to create a Gulf center to detail the sciences of engineering.
8. The work to create different gulf engineering societies which have many specializations.
II. The development of the societies and the Gulf engineering committees with the following priorities
1. Establishing a plan for the development of the engineering work on the national and gulf level to work to overcome the obstacles which impede the development of the engineering works through developing the policies and laws special for the profession.
2. The saving of the cooperative training programs through the binding between the institutions educational and the private economic sector on newly graduates.
3. Making use of modern communication methods to keep the obligatory rule of training the engineers in the development capacities of his intellectual profession.
4. A development of the artistic level for the Gulf engineers to create association of unified professional gulf rehabilitation.
5. Setting the priorities of the Gulf engineering and engineering strategy in the Gulf and placing plans to build national rules in these sectors.
6. The Activation of the support of cooperation and the coordination between the Gulf Engineering Societies exchanging the experiences between the engineers and the sectors of engineering in the Gulf.
7. A continuation and the activation of the recommendations in conferences and seminars.
III. The gulf engineering offices work to boost its performance by
1. The widening of the participation with the engineering offices universally.
2. Modernizing the equipments and specialization in offices to agree with the modern engineering technology.
3. The encouragement for economic engineering offices in merging regulations and systems to limit the monopoly problem.
4. Working with the responsible sides to offer the gulf consultant offices the priority in big engineering projects in the Gulf countries.
IV. The effects of the researches in G.C.C. countries and settle the technology through the following:
1. The continuation and the expansion of the support for applied engineering researches.
2. Having workshops to show the latest developments and informing them on the different engineering specializations.
3. The degradation of the obstacles in front of the engineers for the utmost utilization from the internet.
4. The activation of the connection channels with the big industrial firms in the area for the cooperation with achieving this aim.
V. The Measurements and specifications association working in the G.C.C. countries on specifying the engineering materials and also the quality control system.
VI. The coordination with the engineering corporations for giving scholarships and prizes for the extraordinary performance for both private and public sectors to develop the profession of engineering.
VII. The government sector holds the firms spontaneously to produce the opportunities of training for the local engineers.

The following participated in the gulf engineering meeting
1. The Qatari Engineers
2. The UAE Society of Engineers
3. The Bahraini Association of the Engineers
4. Sultanate of Oman
5. The Kuwaiti association of the engineers and the host state
6. The Saudi Engineering Committee.