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Supported International Accreditation

Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research
The colleges and universities of the United Arab Emirates, government-supported and private alike, play an essential role as we here in the U.A.E. seek to realize the tremendous potential of a knowledge-based future. It is therefore of the utmost importance that institutions in the U.A.E. offer the highest quality academic programs, programs that are recognized both within the country and internationally for their excellence. To ensure that the colleges and universities of the United Arab Emirates operate at international standards of quality, the Commission for Academic Accreditation of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research conducts a program of licensure of institutions of higher education and accreditation of each of their academic programs.

Gulf Engineering Union
Gulf engineering Union is a Gulf Arabian professional organization aiming at enhancing the role of the Gulf engineering foundations by participating in setting up the engineering legislation, systems and codes as well as the rules of practicing the profession, also by maintaining its ethics and virtues, boosting its functional level to meet the requirements of building and development, nurturing the Gulf engineer and working towards upgrading his technical and professional level as well as caring for his affairs, and by adopting the common engineering issues amongst the Gulf Council countries (such as preserving the Gulf architectural style, environment, energy, water, petrol, unified code, engineering arbitration and others).

Federation of Arab Engineers
The Federation of Arab Engineers is an Engineering Arab organization which unites for the purpose of future work. Co ordination and co operation is a main goal for the purpose of increasing the status of Arab engineers and the profession of engineering and serving the Arab society and its different cases whether scientifically, technological or civilized and presenting it in the fields and help serve the goals of the Arab nation in building its unity, political independence and economy

Accreditation Board for Engineering Technology
More Than 75 Years of Quality Assurance in Technical Education
It was 1932 when ABET was established as the Engineers' Council for Professional Development (ECPD). ECPD was formed to fill the apparent need for a “joint program for upbuilding engineering as a profession,” a need determined through surveys conducted by professional engineering societies in the 1920s. The ECPD’s original focuses were in the following areas:

Guidance - Supplying information to engineering students and potential students.
Training - Developing plans for personal and professional development.
Education - Appraising engineering curricula and maintaining a list of accredited curricula.
Recognition - Developing methods where-by individuals could achieve recognition by the profession and the general public.

National Architectural Accrediting Board
The National Architectural Accrediting Board (NAAB) is the sole agency authorized to accredit professional degree programs in architecture in the United States. Since most US state registration boards require any applicant for licensure to have graduated from a NAAB-accredited program, obtaining such a degree is an essential aspect of preparing for the professional practice of architecture. While graduation from a NAAB-accredited program does not assure registration, the accrediting process is intended to verify that each accredited program substantially meets those standards that, as a whole, comprise an appropriate education for an architect.
The mission of the NAAB is leadership in, and the establishment of, educational quality assurance standards to enhance the value, relevance, and effectiveness of the architectural profession.

European Federation of National Engineering Associations
FEANI is a federation of professional engineers that unites national engineering associations from 29 European countries. Thus, FEANI represents the interests of over 3.5 million professional engineers in Europe. FEANI is striving for a single voice for the engineering profession in Europe and wants to affirm and develop the professional identity of engineers.
Through its activities and services, especially with the attribution of the EUR ING professional title, FEANI aims to facilitate the mutual recognition of engineering qualifications in Europe and to strengthen the position, role and responsibility of engineers in society.