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The 3rd Gulf Engineering Meeting Manama - Bahrain

21st - 23rd July 1999 Sponsored by Engineer Sheikh Khaled Bin Abdulla Al Khalifa, the Minister of Housing and Municipalities, the state of Bahrain hosted the Gulf Engineering meeting in the period of 21st – 23rd of July 1999. The third Gulf engineering meeting comprised “the Gulf engineers in front of the challenges of the 20th and atheistic century” that offered twenty two pieces of scientific papers from societies and engineering organizations in G.C.C. counties.

After discussing the scientific papers over the days, all committee members suggested the following:
1. The employment of the engineers newly graduates from all the member states, utilization of the skills of Bahraini engineers and the arrangements of training courses and workshops for the preparation of the rehabilitation of the engineers newly graduates as they enter the work market.
2. The application to facilitate the progress of the engineers in the Gulf as they filled engineering post in government or in private economic sectors and the exchange of experiences and the utilization from the international market.
3. The evaluation and classification for all engineers in G.C.C. according to working and scientific experiences in order to develop the engineers newly graduate to be Chartered Engineers.
4. Working with Government Sectors to develop specifications & unified systems on environmental laws for the engineering projects and to solve the problems in industrial waste and also conduct courses and studies for all engineers to educate them in industrial engineering process.
5. The raising of workshops common between the gulf and opening the subject of merging the engineering local offices and founding investment companies specializing at the same level of the co operation council and that increase a portion of the gulf advisory engineer from the investment group in the country.
6. Surrounding the gulf engineering qualifications and having a list of information and data on the internet on the different specializations/majors available and to enhance and develop this rule consistently.
7. The encouragement of the engineers, the firms and the engineering offices on working the internet and that would lead to improving the work of Arab engineers and the efficiency of their performances and that would cause them to stay and compete in the worldwide market and working on using more of the Arabic language as a way to communicate and making it a known language on the internet.
8. The gulf engineering invitation of the society to make a more efficient role in the field of unification and development of the specifications and the measures to the gulf engineering by coordinating with the general public for specifications and measures for the co operation states council and the utilization of the engineering knowledge and experience in the world.
9. Dealing with the global in the fields of engineering work in an optimistic way and using what it offers of technology, development and special workshops in this field.
10. The coordination with the institutes and the engineering corporations, Arabic and worldwide and making use of its experiences locally.
11. To prepare a future plan and vision for the gulf engineering meeting during the coming years.

The Recommendations
1. It becomes necessary that a report of the general coordinator contains the activities of the participants for the co operation in respect to efficiencies of the engineering meeting, without mentioning the private internal activities in the organization.
2. It is needed from every association and organization to give a detailed report to the general coordinator of the meeting about the joint activities in the gulf societies and corporations, and send it at least two months before the next meeting to the participating societies and corporations it also has to contain what the general coordinator did.
3. It is preferred that each association participating in the meeting to set a report about its internal activities and send it to the general coordinator.
4. Deprivation of consent (Fifth: the field of information, and looking for a web page) from the general report of the coordinator concerning the demand for approval to send these important matters to the Bahraini engineers , whereas this subject embarked upon the Kuwaiti association of engineers and it was discussed according to what he got from the second meeting (database on the internet ) where it was agreed about forming a gulf engineering corporation to form a special webpage and it would remain to bind these pages and this would be done by the Kuwaiti association of engineers.