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GED exam & Training

GED Testing Service offers the only learner-centric program that is recognized and portable from state to state. The program is based on the expectations and standards for college- and career-readiness and will lead to better outcomes in education.

GED Testing Service is a joint venture between the American Council on Education (ACE) and Pearson. The new organization was formed in 2011 and was modelled to represent a public-private partnership. It builds on its past experience in adult and continuing education by harnessing the considerable resources of Pearson, the world’s largest education and testing company, with the nearly 70-year history of ACE to expand access to the GED® test, ensure its quality and integrity, and adapt the GED® test to the skills needed in the 21st century.

The GED® program has always been a cornerstone of adult education since it first began in 1942. As the creator of the test, GED Testing Service has a responsibility to ensure that the program continues to be a reliable and valuable pathway to a better life for the millions of adults without a high school diploma. Learn more about the history of the GED® tests.


Where do I register and schedule my test?

You need to sign up at GED.com to schedule the GED® test. If you meet your local area's policies for testing, you will see a yellow "Start scheduling" button on your dashboard Study tile. Click "Start scheduling" to answer the scheduling questions, select your test subject, your preferred day and time, and pay for your test.

Who is eligible to take the test?

Anyone who is at least 16 years old and is not enrolled in high school is eligible for the program according to GED Testing Service policy. Each jurisdiction has its own policy that may restrict eligibility to certain individuals. Log into your MyGED® account at GED.com to view your alerts drop-down and check the policies where you plan to test.

Why can't I schedule my test on MyGED®?

If you are having difficulty scheduling your test, first check your alerts drop-down on your dashboard in MyGED® for any alert notices on your account. If there are no alerts, contact customer support.

Do I have to be a resident of the location where I test?

Whether you have to be a resident of a location to test varies by jurisdiction. Check your jurisdiction’s policies to find out if there is a residency policy where you plan to test.

How can I find a testing center near me where I can take the test?

Use the Canadian testing center locator to find a testing center near you that offers the GED® test.

How much does the test cost?

The test cost varies by location but you can always pay as you go for one subject at a time. Check your local policies by logging into MyGED® at GED.com. What are the payment options at Pearson VUE testing centers?

For more information on GED, visit website www.ged.com