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Gulf Engineering Union

Gulf Engineering Forums

The 13thGulf Engineering Forum - Kuwait

27th – 29th October 2009

The 13th Gulf Engineering Forum held recently in Kuwait under the patronage of the Kuwaiti Prime Minister HH Sheikh Nasir Al Mohammad Al Sabbah under the theme "Transport & Traffic Issues: Opportunities & Aspirations".The GCC13 was held in Court Yard hotel in Kuwait from 27th -29th October 2009 . The GCC13 is dedicated for transportation and traffic challenges in GCC.

Kuwait Society of Engineers, in association with the GCC engineering society had witnessed the 13th Engineering Forum and discussed the region's growing transportation hinders.

In addition to KSE, the forum is co-organised by the Engineering Societies of Qatar, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, UAE and Oman.

Keynote Speakers
1. Professor Tarek Sayed University of British Columbia Distinguished University Scholar
2. Professor Essam Sharaf Cairo University
Ex Minister of Transportation
3. Professor Hozayen Ahmed Cairo University
4. Professor Atif Labib Dubai Municipality
5. Professor Omar Samadi Iowa State university
Director of Center for Transportation Research and Education
6. Professor Ram Pendyala Arizona State University
7. Professor Baher Abdulhai University of Toronto
Director Intelligent Transportation Systems Centre
8. Professor Ahmed Ali D.A. Watt Consulting Group Ltd. Canada
9. Professor Sayed Metwally Saudi Arabia
10. Professor Joe. P. Mahoney University of Washington, Seattle, WA USA

Main Topics
- Development of Transportation System
- Traffic Safety
- Goods Transportation
- Traffic Congestion
- Public Transportation
- Studies Centers & Transportation Authorities
- GCC & International Experiences in Transportation

The Members of the Scientific Committee
- Dr. Fahad Al-Rukaibi Chairman
- Eng. Essa Al-Anzi Reporter
- Dr. Ahmed Al-Jassar Member
- Lieut. Gen. Eng. Saadoun Al-Khaldi Member
- Eng. Nezar Al-Sayyegh Member
- Eng. Mohamed Al-Mahmoud Member
- Eng. Mohamed Eleiche Secretary

Projects and Awards

King Fahd Causeway Project (Saudi Arabia – Bahrain Causeway)

The theme of building a bridge linking the State of Bahrain, the eastern region of Saudi Arabia voiced the ideas of the two brotherly countries has long been an expression of their desire to facilitate communication between the two peoples and increase the coherence and cohesion among them.

Gulf Engineering Union's Excellence & Innovation Award (RTA – Dubai Metro Project)

The Gulf Engineering Union's Excellence & Innovation Award revolves around two basic concepts; promoting GCC joint engineering work to meet the objectives of the Gulf engineering forums on the one side, and honing the spirits of competitiveness, creativity and excellence in the various fields of engineering activities on the other. The Dubai Roads & Transport Authority has landed the Gulf Engineering Union's Excellence & Innovation Award for the Dubai Metro Project, the longest automated metro project undertaken as a single unit in the world.