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The 12th Gulf Engineering Forum -Doha - Qatar

21st – 23rd December 2008

The three-day event is themed “Gulf engineer and the challenges of sustainable development.” The participants review the role of research and studies in engineering focusing on the development of policies and strategies aimed at achieving sustainable development in GCC countries. Engineer Ahmed Jasem Julu, President of Qatar Engineering Society and Vice Chairman of the Organising Committee of the Forum, said the forum, which is held in GCC countries on a rotation basis, coincides with an unprecedented rise in various areas of engineering works.

More than 700 participants from GCC countries attended the forum that includes delegates from UAE Society of Engineers, Bahrain Society of Engineers, Saudi Engineers Society of Engineers, Oman Society of Engineers, Qatar Society of Engineers and Kuwaiti Society of Engineers and discussed about engineering projects and sustainable development. Winners of the Gulf Engineers Excellence Award, a new initiative by the forum, declared during the inauguration.

The Public Works Authority (Ashghal) in coordination with Qatar Engineering Society has organized the 12th Gulf Engineering Forum and discussed a number of issues including challenges faced by the Gulf engineers with regards to competition with foreign engineering bureaus and training issues. Other issues are related to ‘the role of engineering bodies in educating the importance of sustainable development’ and ‘engineering projects. A three-day workshop has been organized under the auspicious of the Prime Minister and Foreign Minister H E Sheikh Jasem bin Jabor Al Thani.

The 12th Gulf Engineering Forum discussed energy security for Gulf countries as they assumed significance in the context pf various international crisis and disputes between countries. Energy security can be achieved by solving such disputes besides harnessing appropriate technology and focusing on sustainable development.

Gulf Engineering Forum’s role in sustainable development was very significant as they could focus on studies and research in sustainable development in their region. Through this they can contribute to the growth of sustainable development internationally. Every professional organization of engineers or academics and university bodies should have plans and programmes that promote sustainable development.
- Hasan Sanad of Kuwait University spoke on “the role of engineering unions and associations in educating sustainable development.”
- Abdul Majeed Hamuda of Qatar University spoke on ‘Engineering research and its impact on sustainable development.’
- Abdulla Bafil of Saudi Arabia talked about ‘The role of engineering and architectural education in the preparation of graduates in the areas of sustainable development.
- Mohamed Khalifa al-Kuwari on ‘The achievements of Barwa Company.’
- As many as 13 theme papers were also presented.

The other delegates who spoke were Yusuf A Rahim, general secretary of Gulf Engineering Union, and Ahmad Jolo, chairman, Society of Qatar Engineers.