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Gulf Engineering Union

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The 9th Gulf Engineering Meeting - Bahrain

12 – 13 December 2005

Gulf area passes stage of condenses in the developmental movement that have positive impacts on the economy. Perhaps the engineering profession takes the biggest share where the engineers take big responsibilities. Therefore the gulf engineers are indeed in unique grown-up and attempt challenges that must benefit from to the most extent. Just as that the consultative and geometrical offices have big responsibility for developing there organizations so that they can conformity and rivalry the worldwide offices which have long experience in the geometric domain.

From this point raved so indeed the geometric meeting raved several main axes raised to pours all in this respect not to the weak globalizing and the geometric work in the governmental organizations and spike development of the geometric offices and the geometric education and the goodness.

So we would likes to summarize what the offered papers came in as next:
1. The geometric offices consultative are to apply the ISO standards for benefiting from positive its uses on the geometric work and to work according to studied and organized plans.
2. Utilization of the international agreements for the rivalry and the participation in the international projects.
3. The gulf occupational geometric associations are to provide the engineers and the consultative associations with continuous training and according to needs and to coordinate between them for the experience exchanged and rotary.
4. Encouragement of the geometric offices for the participation in execution of the projects between the gulf offices by geometric coalition (Consortium).
5. The consultative use from the international offices working in the area and that for the practical use from it and transfer technological and not contentment of the representation for this worldwide offices and restriction of the use in the financial and administrative aspects.
6. Establishing of information data base for the gulf professions.
7. Encouragement and supporting of the geometric professions to work in the private sector.
8. The offices and the organizations are to apply the strategic plan as methodical and base for the work in enlightenment the society and the observance in the moralists and levels of work.
9. Each geometric organization of each gulf state is to prepare, develop and release legal encyclopedia for the consultative work including all consultative items and the laws related to the geometric work that not mentioned in the constructive laws including protection of the geometric offices and specification of the minimum of the occupational fatigues. This will lessen the out leakage of local geometric projects services.
10. Preparation of pamphlet includes all legislations and laws used in areas and sites of work in all Gulf States and trying to unify them among the gulf countries of which will perform investing facilitation the flow between vines of the gulf.
11. Providing Academic grants for developing legal experts from the engineers scattered and consultative for facilitation the chapter in the cases and the developmental problems in the courts.
12. Origination of legislations and binding laws organization movement of the developmental development in what the surrounding environment suits with and creating of criteria and bases of technician unified for the plan and the environmental design in states of the gulf.