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Gulf Engineering Union

Gulf Engineering Forums

The 7th Gulf Engineering Meeting - Kuwait

Year 2003

- The official applications and the decisions from the Administration
- Approving the classification and rehabilitation of applying a unified system in the engineering professional practices.

At the end of the forum which included several official meetings in which decisions and recommendations were taken by the Secretary General of the gulf engineering forum. Engineer Yussif Ali Abd Al Rahim declared to the press that this seasonal training was signified the harvesting of fruits of 7 years of work and the decisions taken are a form of a new energetic start to execute the projects and a start of the forum ad its actions to take movements of a firm complete establishment having its own rules and regulations.

The Secretary-General explained that the most marked decisions which will work through the classifications and qualifications in all the G.C.C. countries and establish a private council which the main office will be based in Kuwait, there will be representatives from the entire gulf engineering association.

Engineer Abd al Rahim added: I'm practicing the profession they have approved and distributed database for G.C.C. engineering offices and they would co ordinate with the public and the official sectors in order to work with 1 system for practicing the engineering profession. Approving from all the G.C.C. representatives for the award and contribution to the public sector and the approving the G.C.C. engineering profession and also approving the basic system for the G.C.C. forum and he added that “we have approved to contribute arbitration engineering profession and the main office will be base in Kuwait to co ordinate with the expertise and data base in arbitration cases and consulting the work to issuing private directory for the G.C.C. Arbitrators.

The Secretary-General concluded his declaration for the official representative decides to contribute the recommendations and unite the G.C.C. specifications to all the specific sectors through the engineering association.

The recommendations in the scientific forum

The Chairman of the scientific committee said that the gulf meeting parallel to start the committee and the distance of a debater toward 40 pieces of scientific papers are on orbit of a period the congealment of the meeting place made a number out of the recommendations:
- The admission as a participant of the engineers from all of the sectors to draw up the specifications of a participator.
- The unification of the specifications and building codes which contain heritage building and finding a plan to following and working with it.
- The creation of a committee which contains the official representative in order to place gulf engineering specification protocol and having benefits from scientific papers represented in the forum.
- The concentration in the economy side and its effects in placing united engineering specifications
- The identification on way of a work in all G.C.C. countries individually in order to having united specifications
- Increasing engineering specifications forum as civil, chemical and mechanical in order to have a union engineering specification individually
- An application reached the scientific papers from the suggestions and the recommendations.
- The necessity that each country has a specification and then work in uniting it
- The formation of a team worked or a specialist committee for pursuer of the application and following legal laws with specific sectors and time planning.
- He urged the states of the cooperation council on the participation in the national membership of the corporations for the specifications to consolidate the international continuity in G.C.C. countries
- Holding a meeting next year for studying applications for the recommendations of the G.C.C. engineering specification unity
- A unified gulf organization for following the gulf specifications and following applications.
- The beginning in translation worldwide engineering specification to Arabic.
- A presence of a defined organizations and responsible employees to following the G.C.C. specification and not leave it for volunteer work
- Holding circulation meetings with a schedule to finish the specifications unity in all the fields.
- Encouraging different countries organization in G.C.C. countries to find a system for engineering specification application and introducing it to the media.
- The utilization from experience of the lecturers in this connection and the seeking of help from by them to apply the specifications geometrical the monotheist in states of a council the gulf cooperation.
- The continuity with decision makers in g countries and the engineering sector awareness for engineering specification application
- The strengthening of the engineers' participation in the sectors industrial and the academy in the committees the national and gulf and national artistry the preparation the specifications standard at all level.
- The entrance of the specifications in engineering college in G.C.C. countries
- The contribution of directories for engineering specifications unity
- The ability of the researcher made a central bookshop which provides the G.C.C. engineers and researcher having all the information for the attested engineering specifications in G.C.C. countries connected to the internet
- Displaying the engineering specification unity to be approved from the high council of G.C.C. countries in order to approve it to have the benefit for all G.C.C. countries
- Finally a unified understanding for the used expression in specifications unity procedures.