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Gulf Engineering Union

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The 1st Institutional Gulf Engineering Meeting-Kuwait

29th - 30th April 1997

The Goals of the Meeting
I. In the Fields of the Engineering Profession
1. Supporting the rules and regulations of the association in practicing the engineering profession by keeping its high moral, conforming and co operating for the aims of its growth and development.
2. Working with public and private sectors in promoting the engineering membership in the Gulf.
3. The role of the Gulf engineering corporation in contributing in the evaluation of different engineering majors in all universities around the world especially in the G.C.C. countries to co operate to unite this evaluation.
II. In the Field of Supporting the Gulf Engineering works
1. Looking after the gulf / local engineers and working on advancing their skills, technicians and professionals, and everyone who takes interest in this matter.
2. The importance of rehabilitating the training and development for the gulf engineers to increase their professional skills and exchange experiences between the gulf engineering corporations.
3. Placing proper developed machinery to build up the gulf engineering offices and raise its status and going after the responsible side to give it a priority in the grand expanding enterprises in the gulf co operation council.
III. In the Field of Engineering artistic co operation
1. Having common engineering cases between the states of the council for instance (Environment, water, petrol, engineering arbitration, etc…)
2. Co operation in exchanging experiences, researches, information, and organizing conferences.
IV. Going after the Official sides
To represent the gulf engineering in the national membership of the corporations for the specifications, measures and the corporations of arbitration engineering etc.
V. Supporting and coordinating the completion of the organizational structure for the Gulf engineering corporations.
VI. The cooperation in the scale attached by the engineering arbitration wherefrom the exchange of experiences and rehabilitation of arbitrators between the Council state.

The Autos of the Work
1. Having the annual meeting in one of the states (according to alphabetical order) and each association should have 3 representatives which includes the President or Vice President of the engineering sector.
2. Appointing a coordinator to take the responsibility in organizing the meetings and engineering activities.
3.A member from each Gulf engineering sector will correspond to the checking of the subject on the general co ordination.
4.A seminar is set once every two years (mutually with the engineering conference) besides the annual gulf meeting; the subjects discussed are ones that interest the gulf engineers and the engineering professions in the gulf.
5.A conference is set once every two years (mutually with the seminar) the subjects discussed are the working papers about any of the engineering cases that would interest the Arab society.
6. The coordination in setting dates and time for the seasonal trainings.