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Events Detailes
3rd Arabian Tunnelling Conference & Exhibition
We are cordially inviting you to join us in the third edition of Arabian Tunnelling Conference (ATC 2015) which will be held on 23-25 November 2015 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. This year’s theme is “Innovative Underground Infrastructure – Challenges and Opportunities”. ATC 2015 is the premier networking hub of the experts and professionals in Tunnelling and Underground Space industry. The key activities of this event are Conference, Exhibition, Sites Visits, Young Engineers Forum and Awards.

ATC 2015 will embody the engineering and tunneling sector at the global level. It will serve as a gathering of key and influential participants who will network with hundreds of the regional engineering professionals, tunnelling experts and global audience of their peers. The conference will address the challenges and explore the opportunities associated with innovative tunnelling and Underground Space Infrastructure. The event will connect the international experts and partners in the industry to create innovative sustainable solutions and business opportunities. Society of Engineers – UAE and in partnership with International Tunnelling and Underground Space Association (ITA) will directly manage and organize the ATC 2015. Our technical program will present leading-edge technology, updates, significant developments and best practices solutions that support the innovation in tunnelling and underground space use for infrastructure, transportation, telecommunication, energy, water,storage, facilities and waste management. We developed stimulating programme, new presentation formats and inspiring subject matter that has never before presented.

This milestone event will explore various innovations, solutions and opportunities in the tunnelling and underground space sector and will present case studies and strategies that demonstrate innovation, skills and best practices that will assist delegates understand the challenges and opportunities in this industry. Through keynote presentations, parallel sessions and networking, delegates will find ample opportunities to learn new and exciting developments, and mingle with colleagues and leading experts from all over the world. We are looking forward to welcome you in this event and we promise you that this will be one of the best international gatherings in the region.

Who Should Attend

This conference is the industry's opportunity to share the knowledge, projects and application experiences, and provide you the opportunity to hear what others have to say. Case studies, which show real-world applications and the implementation of new technologies, are at the foreground of our industry and help us to continue on the path of evolution.

  • *Government Entities, Municipalities or Owner of Tunnelling& Underground Space Projects

  • *Tunnelling Contractors

  • *Consultants, Contractors, Suppliers

  • *Tunnel Designers

  • *Tunnelling Specialists

  • *Tunnelling& Underground Space Manufacturers

  • *Tunnel lining specialists and service providers

  • *Engineers, Architects, Surveyors

  • *Equipment suppliers

  • *Engineering service companies

  • *Academics

  • *Fire, Life, Safety, and Ventilation Companies

  • *Petroleum and Oil & Gas Companies

  • *Everyone who wants to network and learn from the tunnelling experts


THEME: Innovative Underground Infrastructure - Challenges and Opportunities

  • *Planning & Designing of Underground Spaces

  • *Construction Technologies in Case Studies

  • *Managing Information & Communications Technology in Tunnelling

  • *Environmental Impact of Construction and Operations in Tunnels

  • *Managing Tunnels through Project Management

  • *Risk Assessment in Underground Space Projects

  • *Safety Aspects in Underground Space

  • *Contract, Value Engineering and Cost Management

  • *Preservation, Repair & Rehabilitation of Concrete

  • *Underground Storage Facilities

Reasons to Attend

  • *ATC 2015 combines one of the world's foremost engineering and tunnelling networking forums with an innovative and exciting scientific conference, featuring experts from around the world.

  • *An excellent platform to interact with professionals, at all levels and all segments - corporate and government departments who will participate from across the region to be part of this fast growing event.

  • Meet with an international and diverse delegation of tunnel project owners, contractors, consultants, suppliers and designers.

  • *A unique environment dedicated to the exchange, innovation and best practices of the industry is provided.

  • *Aligning your organization with the conference, will provide opportunities, experiences and new levels of exposure and professional networking.

  • *Site Visits on Tunnelling Mega Projects in the country.

  • *Creating and strengthening relationships with key-decision makers through the many networking opportunities offered at the conference.

  • *This is the chance to engage your target market by showcasing your products and services to relevant industry professionals. Your organization will be at the forefront of engineering professionals who will participate from across the globe to be part of this important conference.