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18 April 2021
Memorandum of cooperation between the Society of Engineers and Dubai Police (ESAAD) program

The Society of Engineers signed a memorandum of cooperation with Dubai Police General Command, whereby the Society’s employees join the Dubai Police “ESAAD Card” program, which allows card holders to take advantage of the benefits, discounts and offers offered by companies and commercial establishments operating in the United Arab Emirates and more than (59) Countries around the world.

The memorandum signed on behalf of the Society of Engineers by Eng. Mohamed Mashroom, Chairman of the Society of Engineers' Board of Directors. It also signed on behalf of Dubai Police General Command by His Excellency Major General Abdullah Khan, Director of the General Department of Logistic Support, in the presence of Eng. Hessa Al-Harmi, Board Director Member and Treasurer, Eng. Tariq Dimas Al Suwaid, Director General of the Society, Eng. Saleh Al-Marri, Government Communication Coordinator at the Society, Mona Al-Ameri, Chairman of ESAAD Card Committee, and Lt. Col. Masoud Al-Hammad, Vice-Chairman of the Committee.  

The Memorandum of Understanding  allows employees of the Society of Engineers to join “ESAAD” program of Dubai Police. Dubai Police will provide the Society’s employees with ESAAD card and a notice of companies and commercial establishments to give their employees the same benefits as Dubai Police employees.

The reason for signing the memorandum is based on the two parties’ keenness to support and enhance cooperation between them, in an effort to integrate efforts, exchange experiences and develop initiatives and joint projects and also on their keenness to enhance partnership relations in a way that achieves mutual benefit and common interests, and achieves the general objectives of the two parties.

“ESAAD” card aims to facilitate the employees and their families' access to their consumer, health and educational needs, at reduced prices, by providing offers and benefits provided by the government and private sectors, through an innovative program that enables them to benefit from offers and discounts, and to obtain high-quality services that meet their aspirations, facilitate their lives and enhance their performance levels.