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Bio Medical Committee

The Biomedical Engineering Committee is responsible to give awareness about the Biomedical engineering degree and profession in the UAE. It is the duty of the committee to expand the role of biomedical engineers in the UAE. The committee will develop the next generations of biomedical engineers’ professionals in the UAE. The committee will maximize research and educational opportunities for the benefit of all the biomedical engineers in the UAE.

Objectives of Biomedical Engineering Committee:

1 Enhance the role of Biomedical Engineering in the UAE.
2 Promote Biomedical Engineering as one of the pioneer profession in the UAE.
3 Develop collaboration between the Biomedical Engineers in the UAE and other countries.
4 Provide training courses and seminars related to Biomedical engineering for the benefit of its members to enhance their professional expertise and competitiveness in the market.
5 Contribute to increase the percentage of the Biomedical engineering degree graduates in the UAE.
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