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Electromechanical Committee

Electromechanical Committee provides professional consultancy service to the electromechanical engineering field in the UAE. The committee pursues and maintains the excellence of electromechanical engineering role in the construction industry for the benefit of the citizens of UAE. The committee expands the role of the electromechanical engineers and ensures the development of their expertise in the technological advancement in the UAE.

Objectives of Consultant Offices Committee:

1 Rehabilitate and develop the multidisciplinary expertise of the electromechanical engineers by means of courses, seminars and forums that will enhance further their capabilities to install, maintain, operate and modify sophisticates and automated technological equipments.
2 Promote the importance of electromechanical engineering and its uniqueness of having expertise that combines electrical and mechanical to develop greater public understanding and interest.
3 Attract students into having a career in electromechanical engineering.
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