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Architect Committee

The Architecture Committee is developed to provide guidance and counsel to all the architects in the UAE related to technical issues in architecture (architecture policy, building codes, and etc.). The committee manages the development of the architects’ professional expertise. They provide strategic process to help the architects embrace the continue transformation and changes in management, coordination, communication and technology throughout UAE.

Objectives of Architecture Committee:

1 Tender professional guidance and provide valuable neutral advice on architectural and town-planning projects.
2 Regulates a high quality standard of professionalism and architectural practice.
3 Unite all the architects / architectural engineers by organizing conferences, seminars and training courses to network and share information about architecture policy issues from both a business and technical perspective.
4 Promotes the use of Green Building practices in all the buildings and towers that is constructing and renovating to ensure the environmental and individual safety in the UAE.
5 Provide a high standard of education and training qualifications for Architects in UAE.
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