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Technical Committee
Introduction :
The Qualification and Accreditation Committee has a vital role in the Society of Engineers - UAE – Membership Unit as the purpose of the committee is to determine whether the engineers has acquired sufficient mastery of his or her degree in able to be accredited and qualified in the membership of UAE Society of Engineers. The committee also ensures the authenticity of the certificates, and the credentials of the University, College or Institution and it’s major. The committee confers the eligibility for the UAE Society of Engineers Membership to the engineering graduates who qualified and meet all the requirements of the Qualification and Accreditation Committee. The committee is made up of professional individuals who work in academic setting (universities, colleges and engineering institutions).

Objectives of Technical Committee:
1 Classification of engineers in its entire field.
2 Preparing Professional Engineers examination in all majors in the engineering field.
3 Setting standards for accreditation criteria for all engineering graduates.
4 To collaborate with the Embassies, Architectural and Engineering Accrediting Institutions and Universities in able to have easier method to accredit the engineering and architecture degrees.

Dr. Alaa K. Ashmawy

Dr. Alaa K. Ashmawy is Professor and Dean of the School of Engineering at the American University in Dubai (AUD)

Dr. Douglas Cousino

Dr. Douglas Cousino Program Chair - Civil Engineering at Dubai Men's College

Dr. Yousef Al-Assaf

President of Rochester Institute of Technology- Dubai

Eng. Hessa Al Haramy

Head of Land Allocation and Services Section - Land Allocation and Services Section - Planning Department - Dubai Municipality