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News Details
12 October 2016
Society of Engineers meets with delegates from the Mohammed Bin Rashid Housing Est.

Eng. Rayed AlArashi, Board Member, and Eng. Tareq Deemas, General Manager of the Society of Engineers-UAE met with Eng. Faisal AlBolooki, the Senior Director Engineering Supervision Department and Faisal Albahri, Head of Engineering Oversight Department from Mohammed Bin Rashid Housing Est. to discuss updates with regards to the status of the forwarded disputes by the establishment to the society for arbitration services as per the agreed MOU.

Furthermore, the meeting went on examining all the benefits of the society of engineers in arbitration and mitigation efforts in resolving the disputes in timely manner with high professionalism through the highly competent engineers.

The establishment inquired about existing of any unified contract which they can use as a reference for formalization of any upcoming bid for projects by owners in associations with consultants and contractors. 

SOE has indeed developed and showed an example of a unified contract that was discussed briefly in terms and conditions and its suitability to be used in the market. For more future coordination between the establishment and the society to face the market challenges with continues improvement.