partners on the traditional construction industry.
Holder of MSc in Electrical Engineering - Medical
Transparency: Digital transformation requires
Engineering Major from George Washington Uni-
everyone to work with transparency. This is a
versity, 1990.
serious challenge in the construction industry,
Holder of PhD in Medical Engineering from Drex-
which was not used to apply transparency in the
el University, USA, 1994.
work environment. The Chapter will work to over-
A previous lecturer at the College of Engineering,
come these challenges through the programs I
UAE University, 1995 2004.
have mentioned, which include raising aware-
Assigned to work in many governmental organi-
ness, education and training to rehabilitate en-
zations, including the Director of the Computer
gineers and technicians working in the
Center at the Public Works Department
engineering and construction sector
in Abu Dhabi.
through lectures, training work-
Smart Government Consultant for
shops and applying best practic-
the Department of Tourism and
es, as well as paying attention
Commerce Marketing in Dubai,
to research and development
and an Information Technology
in coordination with universities
Advisor at the Abu Dhabi Invest-
for application of modern tech-
ment Authority.
nologies in engineering and con-
Director General of the Emirates
struction sector. The journey is un-
Identity Authority with the designa-
doubtedly a long one, but a journey of a
tion of Undersecretary, 2004.
thousand miles begins with a single step, and we
Adviser of Information Systems for His Highness
are determined to embody the wise leadership's
the Minister of Foreign Affairs in Abu Dhabi, 2009.
aspirations to make the UAE the country of the
Member of the UAE Space Agency Advisory
Committee, 2015 2017.
Dr. Saeed Khalfan Al Dhaheri Profile
Currently working as the Director of the Center
He was born in Al Ain, graduated from the second
for Future Studies at Dubai University and Chair-
batch of the College of Engineering at the United
man of the Board of Directors of Smart World.
Arab Emirates University, Electrical Engineering
Member of the Board of Directors of the Emirates
Major, 1987.
Safer Internet Society.
Several of his articles on emerging technologies
such as Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain
were published in international scientific maga-
zines such as Harvard Business Review Arabic
Version and Dubai Policy Review.
Author of Digital Nation Book: How the United
Arab Emirates is building a future based on Tech