landscape areas such as farm-
Fujairah - Urban landscape
ing for grazing, fodder and
crops, farming in green houses,
linear landscape corridor along cor-
animal farms, date farming, hon-
niche comprised of vegetaion , walk-
ey farming.
ways , rest areas and shade stuctures
A comprehensive landscape
Tourism in the UAE can be cate-
design is comprised of both
gorized as below:
cultural and regional landscape
1. Family Vacations
addressing all design require-
2. Promotional tours
ments of user group. Below are
3. Staycations
some illustrations explaining the
4. Holiday homes
5. Adventure parks
6. Amusement parks
7. Water parks
8. Safari
9. Natural reserve forest and
10. Desert tour and camping
Dubai urban landscape - vertical
built up structures are accommodating
11. Beach sports
green areas as rooftop gardens, water
12. Educational tours
features, shaded canopies and green
A stakeholder is any individual,
walls and all horizontal landscape de-
group, or party that has an inter-
velopment areas are provided with open
spaces in housing settlements,play ar-
est in an organization or an in-
eas,parks, productive landscape areas
dustry. Stakeholders of tourism
and desert conservation reserve areas
industry are:
Landscape tourism:
Local communities
Byproduct of comprehensive Hospitality industries
landscape development is tour- Government organization
ism. As area of public interest Scientific and research insti-
are in abundance and opportu-
Open space structure Al Ain
nities to involve all age groups Investors
Al Ain - Open space structure and
are endless, tourism will be a Tourist
landscape corridors linking large
flourishing industry in the UAE.
As per a research by Balachan-
green lunge spaces of city Comprised
of functional, civic and environmental
der (2004), all stakeholder to-
needs Provides variety and opportuni-
gether with concept of Ecotour-
ties within space structure Having de-
ism can be benefited socially,
signed access to infrastructure services
economically and ecologically.
Connecting prime areas via landscape
open space structuring Public amen-
Design study of landscape tour-
ities are provided as per tourist facility
Diagrammatic representation indication
ism is comprised of following:
percentage of international guest in
Study of activity pattern of
year 2019 and 2020
tourist facility