Dear Colleagues and Fellow Engineers,
May the peace and blessings of Allah be upon you,
Last July, the UAE celebrated two great events that embodied the vision of the UAE's wise leadership
to keep abreast of today's requirements and to foresight the future through reliance on national human
July 20, 2020 will remain an immortalized day in the nation's history and a pride for generations, be-
ing an embodiment of the dream of the UAE founder and builder of its renaissance, the late Sheikh
Zayed, may Allah rest his soul, in reaching Mars through the Hope Probe. It is an unprecedented space
achievement, being the first-ever Arab state to explore the Red Planet. The UAE's achievements ex-
tended to another field represented in the inauguration of Barakah Nuclear Power Plant as the first
clean nuclear energy reactor in the Arab World. The reactor is expected to cover up to 25% of UAE's
energy needs, in addition to reducing the carbon footprint and reducing carbon emissions in the UAE
by 21 million tons annually.
Dear Brother and Sister Engineers
There is no doubt that the progressive and accelerating pace of the engineering sector in its various dis-
ciplines, especially those related to artificial intelligence (AI). Further to the achievements made in mid
"2020: Towards the next 50" (Platform for promoting the process of investment in human capital and
national cadres), we, as Board of Directors, are required to keep pace with this vision, within a reality
that encourages creation and innovation. This is embodied through the announcement of establishment
of four new engineering chapters to work under the umbrella of Society of Engineers namely; Emirati
Professional Engineering Chapters, Emirati Engineers Abroad and Digital Engineering Chapters,100%
Emirati chapter to keep pace with the future challenges of the engineering sector. Society of Engineers
has assigned the presidency of such chapters to experts and specialists in engineering issues, with
the aim of developing the capabilities of engineers, providing consultation services to government and
private entities, and setting standards and guidelines for digital technology to enhance innovation and
creativity in the engineering field.
In conclusion, we emphasize on our keenness, as the Board of Directors, to provide all forms of support
to these chapters in order to achieve their desired goals. Further, we wish these chapters to serve as a
real added-value to SOE, enhance the process of reliance on national cadres, and significantly contrib-
ute to improving the engineering sector in the UAE.
Only Allah leads to prosperity